Our Services

Partial Hospitalization

Available Services

  • Full Psychiatric Assessment
  • Group & Individual sessions with the Therapist and/or the Psychiatrist
  • Full medical History and Physical
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Medication Management
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy

*At this time we do not offer drug rehabilitation services

Operating Hours

For more information call (626) 8522-6150

Mon - Fri

8AM - 5PM

Additional Info

We provide transportation to and from the Partial Hospitalization and intensive Outpatient Programs.

A continental breakfast and hot lunch is served daily.

Our Mission: To heal with compassion and perform with distiction

The Glendora Hospital Partial Hospitalization Program is designed for Adults with a variety of mental health needs.

The programs provide a caring and supportive outpatient environment offering mental health consumers and their families help with issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Anxiety
  • Vocational Impairment

What makes our partial hospitalization program effective

An interdisciplinary team considers the multi-dimensional needs from different therapeutic perspectives. The team utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches which address the patient’s issues while providing an alternative to inpatient care. This allows the individual to maintain a more normal daily routine.

The professional team headed by a Psychiatrist coordinates the treatment of the multi-cultural and multi-generational patient by utilizing an individual treatment plan designed to meet the unique needs of each consumer.

Program services are offered Monday through Friday. Attendance is based on personal needs. Trained staff provide transportation and specially prepared hot meals are served daily.

Referrals to the program may come through family members, mental health professionals, physicians and care givers.